Environmental Impact

100% Recyclable.
Made with 95% Air.
Recycled Economically.

The Advantage of Polystyrene

✔ The use of Polystyrene in food packaging has shown that it creates a superior insulation which keep food fresher longer and helps guard against leaks and spills.

✔ Polystyrene products serve as a high quality and sanitary packaging solution for delivering and serving prepared foods to customers and is economical to manufacture.

✔ Polystyrene does not deplete Ozone and contribute to global warming, because finished polystyrene products consists of 95% air. This material has a low density and helps lighten the weight of truckload shipments which, in turn, reduces transport emissions and harmful chemicals from burning fuel.

✔ In landfills, polystyrene makes up only half a percent of all discarded material. Since product across all categories break down very slowly in landfills, polystyrene can serve as a support base for the overall landfill load.

✔ Polystyrene can also be disposed cleanly of by method of Incineration. When properly captured at the appropriate facilities, Incinerated Polystyrene can provide an energy source with a 40% return.

Polystyrene recycling

Foamsco is proud to partner with CKF as a leader in manufacturing polystyrene (PS) foam products with little environmental impact. To learn more about PS foam, its economical and environmentally friendly recycling process and benefits to the food service industry, check out the video created by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA). Foamsco partnered with CKF is a member of CPIA and a proud supporter of their efforts in informing the marketplace about PS foam recycling.

CPIA is a group dedicated to communicating the economic, social and environmental facts behind plastics manufacturing. They are committed to diverting different types of plastic waste from landfill through the use of various waste management options. CPIA has worked with the Canadian government on a number of ground-breaking recycling initiatives.