Polystyrene Recycling

100% Recyclable. Made with 95% Air. Recycled Economically

Our Products

Our wide variety can meet any of your needs

Rigid and leak proof for superior food management

Comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors

Cost effective, recyclable, and made using green practices

100% Recyclable.Made with 95% Air.
Recycled Economically.

Foamsco understands and sees the importance of it’s environmental impact and reducing it’s carbon footprint. Foamsco partnered with CKF Inc. establishes the fact that great efforts are taken to provide a full line of green and recyclable products for consumers to choose.

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Food service cannot rely on food alone. Be sure to compliment your menu and up for serving game with high quality plates, bowls or container to show off your signature dish. Foamsco Dinnerware products deliver outstanding strength and quality that increases the overall appeal of your serving selections.

Food Service

Strong, versatile and elegant packaging is key to maintaining the high standards and level of refinement that makes any business stand out. No need to worry because presentation and safety of your food is our number one priority with our Food Service line from Foamsco.

Food Packaging

With attractive and reliable packaging solutions help you maintain the highest standards of quality expected by your business. Show off your food and keep it safe with the Foamsco Food Packaging line of products.